The Fleet Wash Academy ELITE CEO Training 

Giving you the tools you need to take your  fleet washing business to the NEXT LEVEL!

Wish you knew exactly what to do, to take your business to the Next Level?

You see all these guys posting pictures of their awesome rigs and HUGE client accounts. You think man what are they doing different than me?


The truth is that they’ve probably just made a ton more mistakes than you have….  I was just like you thinking the same way.  


Last year Nate and myself worked 1 on 1 with several people in the industry. Our sole purpose was to find out EXACTLY what people needed to help them GROW!!  


We met guys like Phil Rodgers with MD Power Wash, Robert Arnold, and Jack Asalas just to name a few. 


Phill went from never washing a truck, to selling OVER $60,000!!!!!! in new clients in just weeks. Right after that he built a new - AWESOME BOX TRUCK!!! 


Robert was brushing everything he washed with small equipment.  After just two short days in our training, and learning how to 2-step.


He went home and shaved 18 man hours off his routes. That adds up to well over $20,000 in instant PROFIT to his company.  


He’s since upgraded all his equipment, and outfitted his fleet with 2 step wash guns.


What they all have in common is GROWTH!! They all left being able to wash trucks in under 8 minutes. 


We want to help more people just like you!!


We’re launching 2 Days In The Cage!” This is 2 days of intense no BS, no fluff, EXACTLY what you’ll need to GROW your business.  


What makes us Unique is we’ve been there and made all the mistakes. We are in the trenches “grinding” it out every single day.


The only question I have is, are YOU ready to take ACTION & do whatever it takes to see that amazing GROWTH in your business?


Time to put in the work, & Conquer The Cage!

The training is led by Nate Farrier & Eric Trice, who wash over 1500 trucks a week!

This training is designed to break down all the technical aspects of the truck washing business. You will learn what it takes to grow a substantial wash business through Sales, Strategies, Systems to streamline your company. Register today to join the selective group of entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the NEXT LEVEL!

Eric Trice

Nate Farrier

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The Details....

  • Dates

    June 5th & 6th in Cambridge, MD

  • Travel & Transportation 

    Fly into Baltimore on June 4th & we will have a limo bus to transport you to Cambridge. The same bus will return you to Baltimore on Sunday the 7th

  • Lodging & Food 

    Hotel Room for 3 days, plus breakfast and lunch. Included*

2 Days In The Cage!


This is the only Group Conference we are offering in 2020, and there are currently just 4 spots left!

Conference Features...

  • An overview of the employee on-boarding training program that we use in our businesses. This shortens the learning curve for new technicians so they are profitable in less then 2 weeks!

  • We are GIVING you the entire program so you can take it home and train your own team!

  • We are GIVING you the same employee handbook we use in our business!

  • We are GIVING you the actual sales scripts we use in our own business. These proven  scripts are what we’ve used to get past the gate keeper and close over $75k in new clients in one month!

  • You will learn tips and tricks to wash trucks in UNDER 6 minutes each. This means you are more PROFITABLE right out of the gate. Making you a nightmare to compete with.

  • Speed and efficiency will increase your overall capacity, allowing you to make more money!

  • We will provide the road map you need to get off the truck and start running a business, so you can spend more time with your family, traveling and enjoying life!

  • Learn how to not make costly mistakes that will damage customers property!

  • Join this SELECTIVE group that will get the opportunity this year and add on a business model that will change the legacy of your company.

What our Clients Say... 

Rober Arnold

Vehicle Appearance Pros

"I was able to save 18 man hours a week as soon as I came home. What I learned increased my bottom line net profit by almost $20,000" 

Phil Rodgers

MD PowerWash

"I went from never washing a truck, to washing dump trucks in less the 15 minutes in just 2 days. I have increased my recurring revenue by over $125,000 in just 6 months time, and my employees are happy they are able to work year around."

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