Welcome to The Fleet Wash Academy!

 Teaching entrepreneurs how to create a practical road-map to building a successful business in fleet washing.

F.W.A. Services

We help entrepreneurs interested in fleet washing get clear on their path, build successful careers, and avoid costly mistakes. Our Conferences, classes, boot-camps, coaching, and webinars give the participants the full knowledge of the seemingly difficult aspect of the business of fleet washing. Our strategic sessions also help our participants get prospective clients, chose the right business model, get clear on pricing, procuring the right tools and lots more!

  • FWA - ELITE CEO Training

    Our technical boot-camp is packaged in order to teach you the technical side of the business including effective sales strategies, speed, efficiency, route building, shop layout, safety as well as hands on how to 2-step trucks in under 6 minutes. This is an intense 2 day no fluff learning atmosphere. The boot-camp is exactly what you need to get started in fleet washing. Whether you are adding it to an existing business or starting from scratch 

  • One on One Coaching

    With 1-on-1 coaching we are able to tailor our instruction specifically to your businesses needs. Personally guide you in heart to heart conversations composed of instructive classes and resourceful brainstorming. This is a 2 day program where we start with the most important fundamentals needed to launch your business fast!

  • Conference Videos

    Our conference recordings are available for a limited time after the event has passed. These are best for those that are just getting started, and missed our last event! 

  • Fast Track

    The Fleet Wash Fast Track is a package designed to get you started and generating income ASAP. You'll receive important Done for you documents and systems, as well as training videos on washing, sales, and wash technique.  The FWA Fast track is just a taste of what you can expect from our Coaching or Bootcamps

  • Fleet Wash Academy Conference 

    Join a group of like minded entrepreneurs to learn the practical guides of starting and growing a successful business in fleet washing. Network with fellow contractors and meet the Vendors that  support you

About Us 

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Eric Trice


Nate Farrier 



See what our clients have to say!

Charles Wiehr

“This conference was top notch. A buffet of knowledge, (and food) without the aggressive sales tactics conferences often have. If there was ever an opportunity to break into this tight knit industry, this was it. Awesome event put on by even more awesome people!!"

Phil Rodgers

"I went from never washing a truck, to washing dump trucks in less the 15 minutes in just 2 days. I have increased my recurring revenue by over $125,000 in just 6 months time, and my employees are happy they are able to work year around"

DJ Carroll

“Anyone in the fleet washing industry that is truly committed and interesting in growing their company needs to attend the Fleet Wash Academy Conference. Nate Farrier and Eric Trice bring the best of the best in the industry with the intention of truly helping other like minded entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential.”

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